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Will my phone work?

The first versions of the AutoDock will be compatible with 5 to 6 inch phones that have the charging port in the center on the bottom of the phone. You will be able to choose Apple Lightning, Micro-USB or USB Type-C version of the AutoDock.  You will select Type-A or Type-C at the other end for the wall adapter or PC connection.

Can I use a case on my phone?

Yes! The adjustment allows for cases up to 4mm thick, but you can't have one of those little doors that blocks the port.

Will I need a separate AutoDock for each phone in my house?

Not if the phones use the same connector and have a similar thickness case.  But yeah this first version of the AutoDock is specific to a connector type and gets adjusted to fit a phone-case pair.

What charging speeds and data speeds does the AutoDock support?

By design, you will get whatever fast-charge wall adapter you use sent right to your phone.  And whatever USB data speeds your phone supports also pass through. I mean, what’s the point of fast, easy connecting if the final connection isn't what you want?

Can I use a power bank battery pack with it?

Most power banks have an auto-shutoff when they are not charging something. So, that type is clunky to use but will work if you make sure the power bank is on. Look for a battery back-up option specifically for the AutoDock in the future!

Can I use it in my car?

You sure can! But keep an eye out for the official car version in the future!

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